Having a varied and diverse media background, I present a portfolio of sample work to show my unique and assorted abilities.
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A Place to Learn

  • Blog created as part of Foundations of American Education class at the University of Mary Washington, where each week I reflected on various topics relating to education
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“Dumbledore’s Army-Fighting the Power: Media Ownership, Fandom, and the Harry Potter Franchise”

Building Community

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  • A collections of posts & musings for “Community Organizations & the Arts” class with Carey Sargent at the University of Virginia
  • Posts relate back to class discussion and readings

Website Creator (juliadrewniak.com-­personal website/portfolio)

  • November 2010-­Present
    • Blogging on issues of digital/media/reading literacy, education, fashion/culture, social/digital media and personal topics/experiences as appropriate for audience (Generation Y, Millennials, Teens, Young Adults)


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Some of the videos I worked on while an intern at BrainLine.org. I uploaded the tapes, edited the footage down into clips, and added appropriate transitions/titles.

2008 Class Video Project

A film which highlights the best of the Class of ’08.

Facebook: Friend or Folly

A class project where we took the Facebook platform of 2007/2008 and translated it into real world experience.

2010 CSM Prom Commercial

A commercial for Catholic Student Ministry’s formal dance, feature Niru De Silva and other CSM students. This was my favorite out of the 3 commericals made.

2008 CSM Prom Commercial

A commercial for Catholic Student Ministry’s formal dance, featuring some of the gentlemen of CSM.


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Other Projects


Ask the Expert- UVA UCS

  • Project for UVA’s University Career Services
  • Created video clips from longer interview explaining services the Career Services offers
  • Incorporated branding from UVA UCS website

Brain Injury Partners PILOT Training Program

Documentary Film: “Filming on Adrenaline”

  • Outlined, filmed, and edited 10 minute documentary over course of semester.
  • Follows a team of 3 high school students in the Adrenaline Film Competition (part of the Virginia Film Festival), which gives teams 72 hours to make a five minute film from start to finish based on assigned film genre, prop, line of dialogue.

A teaser for Filming on Adrenaline.

Filming on Adrenaline from Julia Drewniak on Vimeo.

Interactive Digital Media Project

  • Created YouTube video blog content from scratch and utilized various social media outlets to connect with audience and to advertise new posts
  • Detailed the entire process through short class papers
  • Put together a final presentation to present to classmates and professor
  • Project for “Media, Society & Culture” class with Carey Sargent at the University of Virginia
  • http://start.io/gottogetuintomylife


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