I’2014summerprofilepicm a graduate of the University of Virginia, where I majored in Sociology, and “minored” in media studies, so I know a lot about all aspects of media and people.

I started off answering phones at a major car insurance company. Soon I moved into a position where I monitor calls. Now I get to “test stuff”. As you can tell, I’m always one for technical jargon.

I’m currently working on my Masters in Education. I hope to one day go into instructional and educational technology.

I enjoying reading my favorite blogs or looking for new images to add to my pinterest page. When I’m not online, I’m watching my favorite shows, cooking, reading, or crafting. I enjoy blogging on anything & everything.

You can contact me:

me (at) juliadrewniak (dot) com

Plus I have plenty of social media profiles: